HPS Company Incorporated  
3207 Pennsylvania Ave.      
Charleston WV  25302
(304) -343-7515



In 1971, Frank L. Porta envisioned an industrial supply business dedicated to the thriving mining and chemical industries in the Charleston West Virginia area.  His reputation was established by providing unsurpassed products and services to his customers, and building long term relationships of trust and integrity with them. That idea has grown into a multi-faceted resource company with fabrication capabilities that satisfy a broad range of industrial requirements with the same goal and dedication.

‚ÄčIn 45 years, HPS Company has grown to serve the railroad, manufacturing, firearm, recreational vehicle, drilling and construction communities. From humble beginnings as a hydraulic hose assembler and supply distributor, we are now a manufacturer of other parts and materials for these industries, as well as a designer of specialized components and equipment.