Fire Suppression System

  • Reusable, all stainless steel connections
  • Quick Installation/Recovery
  • Preassembled 7' lengths, Multiple sizes up to 3"
  • Will accommodate deluge sprays or pendant sprinklers

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Optional Parts to Purchase with Firebar Orders:

What Others are Saying About the Firebar Fire Suppression Systems:


Black and White O ring

"The Firebar Suppression System has reduced installation time by 75%."

- Chief Electrician, Logan County, WV

"Our belt head cost has been sizeably reduced because we are able to reuse the Firebar system."

- Maintenance Sup. in WV

"Even regulatory agencies are impressed with the Firebar Fire Suppression System."

-Safety Director, large WV mining operation

       Female Connector

​Male Connector

             Y Strainer

Tee and Elbow


           Split Clamp 

Flow Switch

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Stainless Steel Jumper Hose 36", 48", 60", or 72"

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