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Heavy duty urethane rollers and solid steel components allow for speedy and strong roof mounting of large trailing cables and hose

Firebar Fire Supression System

Our patented quick-connected fire supression system is ideal for belthead applications and is supplied with pendant or deluge sprays and available in 7 ft. sections exceeding MSHA spacing requirements.

This system can be installed or dismantled by one man, and is available in multiple sizes up to 3". The individual Firebars come pre-assembled and are completely reusable. 

                                   Longwall Shearer Sprayarm

Designed for  strenuous duty in vibration and shock applications while maintaining a full flow of water for dust suppression at the longwall face, our Shearer Sprayarm, constructed with high density urethane, supplies rugged performance, as noted in the picture below.


Our Hydraulic 95/5 heavy duty slurry pump is designed to move water or slurries quickly with a 3" discharge port. 

We use the Geroler motor design for durability and high inlet face pressures, with only 16.5 gpm of fluid required.

Dry running is no problem.

Miner Water Swivel

Our all stainless steel constructed water fitting uses rugged double bearing design for full rotation in lasting continuous miner duty.

We use long-life marine grease for  lubrication and high grade o-rings for a durable dirt and waterproof seal.

Available in 1-1/2" NPT.




Automotive Engine Test Plate

Model QD Cable Hanger

              Precision tolerances are maintained for local manufacturing facility